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Dallas Goes Pink

This past Saturday, thousands beat the sunrise out and flooded the streets decked in pink from head to toe. In the midst of a sea of people there stood a woman with pink hair and a smile that lit up the atmosphere – that woman was Michelle Zada Hall.

Michelle Zada Hall

 #TeamZada took center stage during the Komen 5K in Dallas that morning. Throughout the streets you would hear chants such as, “PINK. AND. WHITE. WE HAVE THE POWER TO FIGHT,” and “Save the boobies, save save the boobies. ZADA!” The atmosphere was electric and it was for one reason, to help find a cure for breast cancer. Michelle Zada Hall had a team of approximately 100 people surrounding her as she led the charge and continued to show that she has the POWER TO FIGHT.

You can continue to support the POWERHANDZ #POWERTOFIGHT campaign all month long by posting on social media, telling a friend, getting a breast examination or purchasing a #POWERTOFIGHT package on POWERHANDZ.com

Help support the #POWERTOFIGHT. Making a difference in someone else’s life can start with you.

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