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All You Need Is A Little HOPE

“Almost every day I’m home, I’ll look out our bedroom window at the sunrise or sit on the back deck at sunset, and take in the landscape. The Olympic mountain range, the massive evergreen trees, the water – everything feels so vast and grand, it gives me perspective on the world. You can’t help but realize that there’s so much more to life than the pettiness and hatred that’s out there.” – Hope Solo

This past summer was one of the biggest of Hope’s illustrious career. Hope’s play in between the posts was one of the main reasons Team USA was able to make a run to win the Women’s World Cup and for that Hope is now in the running for FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year.

While Hope enjoys her time at home, there is still business to take care of on the field. She has two matches this week against the soccer powerhouse of Brazil on the 21st and 25th. A highly motivated Brazil team means Hope will play a key role for Team USA to win these two friendlies in Seattle and Orlando. “It’s been 11 years since the U.S. Women’s National Team last played in Seattle. Back then, I was training with the team, but I didn’t make the roster for the game,” said Hope. “What I remember from that time was thinking to myself, ‘One day. One day, I’ll be there playing in Seattle for my country’.”

Hope is continuing to show that this is her time and most of all, ‘OUR TIME.’ Her desire and dedication to grow as an individual on and off the field is paying off. Not only is Hope a World Cup Champion and nominee for FIFA’s Women’s World Player of the Year, but she is also the leader of the POWERHANDZ ‘OUR TIME’ campaign to not only say, but prove that women can achieve the impossible.

At this time in her career Hope is defining her legacy. Her journey continues this week as she not only gets to play in her home town of Seattle, but she gets the chance to continue to shine. 

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