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Hands Of The Future Spotlight – Noah Cutler

Meet Noah Cutler. He’s 11 years old and has handles better than people double his age. Noah is known by handlers all around the country. His videos online have been seen by millions of people and to date, he has over 154,000 followers on Instagram (@babybirdman3).

The basketball prodigy is Noah Cutler from Leesburg, Virginia. Noah has been playing hoops for a little more than three years. “He did really well,” Cutler’s dad said. “Next thing I know, he picked up basketball and wouldn’t stop.” Now, Noah travels up and down the East Coast with the D1SA Spartans, a team which his dad coaches.

Noah is homeschooled, but his father Josh says education comes first. So, where does Noah hope all this leads? “I want to go to college and then hopefully the NBA.”


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