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Lauren Chamberlain Says… It’s Our Time NOW!

Olympic Gold Medalist Hope Solo, former LPGA Pro, Nicole Hage, Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s, Michelle Zada and now… Four-time All-American, NCAA Home Run Record-Setter and current USSSA Pride Star, Lauren Chamberlain has officially joined the POWERHANDZ “Our Time” Movement.

“The ‘OUR TIME’ campaign acknowledges that women can achieve the impossible and there is no limit to what we can accomplish which is my life mantra. Partnering with an innovative company dedicated to helping female athletes of all ages train to be the best was a perfect fit for me,” says Chamberlain. “The first time I used the POWERHANDZ softball gloves, I immediately loved them. I am proud to share this training tool with my colleagues and youth around the world.”

POWERHANDZ is emerging as a powerhouse-training tool in basketball, football, baseball, golf and soccer. With Chamberlain joining the team POWERHANDZ will be making a big splash into softball in 2016. Chamberlain will be a lead ambassador and help guide the strategic direction for POWERHANDZ in the sport she loves.

Danyel Surrency Jones, Co-Founder and COO of POWERHANDZ adds, “Chamberlain is an ideal Brand Ambassador for POWERHANDZ and the ‘OUR TIME’ training campaign. She is a phenomenal young athlete who realizes the importance of skill development and more importantly, inspires others to become the best versions of themselves.”

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