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POWERHANDZ Are Now Available At…


The POWERHANDZ team is excited to announce a retail distribution agreement to bring our innovative line of athletic training products to both Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods online.

Our line includes a group of patented, premium weighted performance-enhancing sports gloves designed to improve athlete’s strength, speed, power and dexterity during training. Overall, POWERHANDZ offers Pure Grip Gloves for baseball, softball, golf and lifestyle training, Anti-Grip Gloves for basketball and football and Striker Training Gloves for boxing and MMA. Additional products in the portfolio include the Basketball Slick Wrap as well as the recently launched POWERARCH and Pop Up Defender.

“Athletes of all ages love having the training tools to succeed and get better,” says Darnell Jones, co-founder and CEO of POWERHANDZ. “We are excited to work with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart, two retailers with a long history in servicing consumers.”

Danyel Surrency Jones, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of POWERHANDZ added, “It’s been a goal for POWERHANDZ from the very beginning to enter retail agreements with the most reputable retailers in the United States. Both Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart embody what we are looking for in retail partnerships.”

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