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The Perfect Gift For Every Athlete

There are hundreds of different items that you can include on your Christmas list, but we want to ask you a question… How many of those can elevate the way you play the game. At the top of every athlete’s list this year should be POWERHANDZ.

NBA Trainer, Bill Burgos says,

“POWERHANDZ is a great tool to add into any Strength Coach or Athletic Trainers’ workbox. It provides the necessary proprioceptive training along with the development of strength in the 9 extrinsic and 10 intrinsic muscles of the hand/wrist. As a Strength Coach, my goal is to help make every athlete better, and I believe that POWERHANDZ can help me achieve that goal by ensuring that we can cover all aspects of training.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.48.27 AM

For a limited time this holiday season you can get all of the following POWERHANDZ products in our Holiday Gift Sets. These sets include:

  • A pair of POWERHANDZ training gloves
  • POWERHANDZ Wristband
  • POWERHANDZ Backpack


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