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Back In The Big Apple

Tonight, the World Series returns to New York City for the first time since 2009 and back to Queens for the first time since 2000. The New York Mets are down 2 games and are facing a crucial game 3 as they send Noah Syndergaard to the mound.

Syndergaard - POWERHANDZ

Getting ready for a game like this doesn’t start when you wake up that day, it starts back in the offseason when you are training for the upcoming season (if not even earlier). Every second you put in to making yourself better pays off. This is why POWERHANDZ is focused on taking your game on the diamond to the next level. World Series Champion, Brian Anderson said, “Unlike any other products on the market, POWERHANDZ “Pure Grip” gloves give you the ability to add weight to your bat while taking live batting practice. This product not only increases bat speed but also allows you to use your hand eye coordination.”

Earlier this year, Syndergaard was the Mets top pitching prospect, but now he is about to make his first World Series appearance in the biggest start of his career. He’s coming in to face a Kansas City lineup that is led right now by, red hot hitting Eric Hosmer. This game is definitely going to be a good one. Who do you think will take game 3?

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