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Kickoff Is Only The Beginning

Two-a-days may be over, but the season is only beginning. Last night the college football season started with some great games and the NFL takes the field next weekend for week 1. Even though the season has started and “training camps” are over doesn’t mean you stop training. You have to keep the mentality to get better every single day.

As a football player you need to continue to enhance your hand speed, improve the strength in your hands and arm muscles. With our POWERHANDZ Extreme-Grip weighted Training Gloves you do just that. These gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the glove and the silicone covered palm provides a sticky surface to increase grip in various conditions on the football field.

“Your natural abilities will only take you so far. It’s hard work, both at practice and on your own, that helps you become the greatest player you can be,” said Brown. “I am excited to team up with POWERHANDZ and spread the word about their great products. Playing receiver for 27 years, including 17 in the NFL, I can see how this product could have made me better. I look forward to seeing this great teaching tool impact athletes lives.”

          – Hall of Fame Wide Receiver and Heisman Trophy Winner, Tim Brown says

Why would you want to add weight to your hands help while trying to catch a football? This helps you maintain muscle memory and when the gloves are removed it will improve you confidence.

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