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The Best Pound For Pound Fighter In The World

Whatever doubt there was regarding Andre Ward’s status as the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter, was put to rest after his victory over Sergey Kovalev two weeks ago.

Last November the two squared off in their first meeting when Ward won a wildly contested decision, but that was different on June 17 when the eighth-round stoppage victory by Ward of a fading Kovalev instantly became the most impressive of his increasingly great career.

Ward, 33, remains the sport’s most adaptable fighter outside of Floyd Mayweather, and showcased his ability to disarm a heavy hitter in Kovalev and wear him out by boxing evenly over the first half of the fight. It was high-speed chess at its finest as each fighter traded stiff jabs, mauled on the inside and fought to control distance.

Not only did Ward outlast Kovalev, he showed a tremendous instinct to finish him off after winning the strategic and mental battle. After the fight, he talked up a desire to challenge for a cruiserweight or even heavyweight title against the right fighter in the perfect situation.

You can’t just walk into one of these fights and expect to win. It takes weeks, months and years to get prepared mentally and physically for this kind of bout. Ward has been training with purpose with POWERHANDZ for nearly two years now and we are proud to say that he’s part of the POWERHANDZ fam. Train like Andre and get your hands in some POWERHANDZ Striker Gloves.

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