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Taking it to Heart

A week ago from today we saw Quarterback Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks raise the Lombardi Trophy and become Super Bowl Champions.

We took a look back through the amazing season and actually found an article dated back to August from ESPN about a visit that Miami Heat Coach Eric Spoelstra made to the Seahawks.

On Sunday afternoons we as spectators get to see such a small portion of what goes into becoming a Super Bowl Champion. Back in August when Spoelstra spoke to Wilson and the Seahawks the team not only listened, but they acted.

“That’s what he talked about,” Wilson said. “It’s having that discipline and believing yourself, sort of ignore the noise. And how do you continue to stay focused when so many things are said about you? How do you stay focused on the work ethic and the sacrifice? 

“That was his message today. They’ve done a great job of winning championships, so that’s what we want to learn from them. How did they get there?”


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