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Attributes of a Great Leader

UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 31: Football: NFL championship, Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi victorious, getting carried off field by team after winning game vs New York Giants, Green Bay, WI 12/31/1961 (Photo by Marvin E. Newman/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (SetNumber: X8174)

Leaders are what makes teams go, leaders push their teammates to levels they thought they never could of gone, and most of all, they’re willing to put in more time and effort than anyone on the team.  Does that sound like you?  Not everyone is meant to be a leader because it’s hard work, but if you’re willing to do just that, you can be one as well.  Remember, if it was easy, everybody would be one.  Here are some of the main attributes of a leader.

Learn from your mistakes- This is where accountability falls in.  Everyone makes mistakes, but there are only a select few who are willing to admit they made a mistake.  Learn from it, and be better prepared for next time.

Lead by example- When you’re a leader, you have to be willing to do what other won’t.  Not everyone is going to put in the extra effort to become better, but if you remain faithful to working hard and leading by example, eventually, the followers will follow you.  They will replicate what you’re doing because they see success is near.

Put others’ needs first- If there is one thing that leaders are not, it is being selfish.  Leaders are not about “I”, they are about the team.  Show you care about your teammates and be willing to help them.

Confidence- Have you ever seen a leader that was insecure? The answer is no.  Leaders have a positive attitude and are confident in their abilities.  Followers will not follow anyone who is not confident in their abilities.  Be confident in what you do, and you will see a positive outcome.

Set your standards high- Leaders are optimistic about what they do.  But they possess optimism because they will hard work to achieve to get whatever they want.  There are no limits for them.  If you want to obtain something, you have to want it and visualize it first.  Leaders do not quit until it’s actualized.

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