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Muscle Memory

muscle memory

Remember, as a little kid, the first time you picked up a bicycle?  It may of been difficult the first time you attempted to ride it.  You probably fell down several times, resulting in some scrapes and bruises, but you got back up and attempted to ride it again.  Eventually, through repetition and dedication, you picked up on it, and it just became natural to where you didn’t have to think about it anymore.  It was implanted into your subconscious mind.  Good news: learning to ride a bike is just like mastering the art of becoming great at your particular sport.  You do it over and over till it just becomes natural, it becomes who you are.  Even on days when you feel like quitting, do not stop, get back up, and continue to practice it over and over.

Larry Bird became a great shooter from repetition, Peyton Manning became an accurate passer from repetition, and Derek Jeter mastered the art of hitting because of repetition.  Always remember that “Practice Makes Perfect”.   The greats practice more than the average athletes, and that’s why they became so much better than anyone else.  One day you’ll be out on the court/field playing, and you’ll be dominating your sport.  Not because of your natural talent, but because of your hard work and effort.  It will become just as easy as riding a bicycle.

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