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The Official POWERHANDZ Collection

The Official POWERHANDZ Collection

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Whether you have hands of stone or glue-like fingers when the ball is laser-beamed your way, POWERHANDZ can give you the edge you need at your skill position. The anti-grip technology used in our product forces the athlete to focus on catching the ball limiting one’s natural ability with the gloves on. That ability will increase with continued use and multiply exponentially with the gloves off. You’ll marvel at the difference your hands will have in terms of strength and flexibility. Learn how to rule the gridiron and pluck the ball out of the air when you let POWERHANDZ help you train with purpose.



POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Weighted Training Gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the glove and an anti-friction material on the palm side of the glove, making it more difficult to catch a football when training.

  • ►   Weight resistance on the gloves improves strength in the hand and arm muscles
  • ►   Increased hand speed
  • ►   Makes catching the ball more difficult during training
  • ►   Improved confidence once gloves are removed


  • "Your natural abilities will only take you so far. It’s hard work, both at practice and on your own, that helps you become the greatest player you can be,” said Brown. “I am excited to team up with POWERHANDZ and spread the word about their great products. Playing receiver for 27 years, including 17 in the NFL, I can see how this product could have made me better. I look forward to seeing this great teaching tool impact athletes lives."
    Tim Brown / 2015 NFL HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE

  • ""Certain things aren’t in your control. Your work ethic and what you choose to do to take your skills to the next level are. POWERHANDZ products will assist you in developing those skills and revealing the true potential that lies within."
    Brian Dawkins / 9X PRO BOWL AND 6X ALL-PRO


How much do the gloves weigh?
Youth-Medium: Weigh Approximately 400 Grams or .88 lbs In Each Glove
Large- XXL: Weigh Approximately 453 Grams or 1 lb In Each Glove
How do you wash the gloves?
We Suggest Using a Non Toxic Aerosol Spray. Do Not Wash In The Wash Machine.
Do the gloves come in a pair?

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Any more questions? Ask us.

See the complete list of FAQ

Any more questions? Ask us.

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