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The Official POWERHANDZ Collection

The Official POWERHANDZ Collection

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POWERHANDZ isn’t just for elite athletes in the prime of their career. Our product is for anybody who wants to improve in their sport or recreational activity on all levels. Maybe you are serious about lacrosse, tennis or even jai alai. Perhaps you are a little more traditional and just want an added edge when you attack the weights in the gym. It really doesn’t matter because with continued use of our product you are bound to feel the difference in your hands’ flexibility, strength and dexterity. If you are an active person with a desire to push through to the next level of success in your sports and fitness lifestyle, POWERHANDZ is for you and can help you train with purpose.



POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the glove with a grip material (similar to baseball batting gloves) on the palm. This glove would be used for any sport that requires the use of a bat, stick or club.

  • ►   Pouches of iron sand strategically placed around the hand flex points
  • ►   Smooth sheep skin leather on palm for high performance grip and durability
  • ►   Four way nylon stretch fabric provides durability & flexibility during movement
  • ►   Lycra gussets provide a breathable fabric and snug fit


  • "POWERHANDZ is by far the best ball handling product in the game right now if you want total control and confidence in your ability to handle the rock like some of the leagues best. POWERHANDZ is that next step to get you there."
    Donald Sloan / NBA

  • "The POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Gloves are by far the most challenging dribbling product I’ve ever used and it's amazing how quick you see the result…I believe its the best product out there."
    Ronnie Price / NBA

  • "My number one goal is to help players gain and keep a competitive edge. POWERHANDZ is by far the best training product for basketball players I have seen on the market. It’s not only a great ball handling tool, but it’s great for big guys too, as it helps with hands and explosion with the ball. I incorporate these products into my drills and they have truly been a game changer."
    Tyler Relph / Elite Basketball Trainer

  • "When I started using POWERHANDZ on myself and on my clients, I was amazed by the instant results and how the products intensified my training. I love this game and I love seeing hard work and tactical training with POWERHANDZ products, make a direct impact on these players. I’m excited to be apart of their team."
    Dribble2much / Elite Basketball Trainer


How much do the gloves weigh?
Youth-Medium: Weigh Approximately 400 Grams or .88 lbs In Each Glove
Large- XXL: Weigh Approximately 453 Grams or 1 lb In Each Glove
How do you wash the gloves?
We Suggest Using a Non Toxic Aerosol Spray. Do Not Wash In The Wash Machine.
Do the gloves come in a pair?

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Any more questions? Ask us.

See the complete list of FAQ

Any more questions? Ask us.

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