JJ Wilcox

"The last thing you want to do is drop balls or fumble. Why not use the POWERHANDZ slick ball wrap when you train in order to increase concentration and dexterity for game time."

JJ Wilcox / NFL Dallas Cowboys
Ronnie Price

"The POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Gloves are by far the most challenging dribbling product I’ve ever used and it's amazing how quick you see the result…I believe its the best product out there."

Ronnie Price / NBA
Donald Slone

"POWERHANDZ is by far the best ball handling product in the game right now if you want total control and confidence in your ability to handle the rock like some of the leagues best. POWERHANDZ is that next step to get you there."

Donald Sloan / NBA Indiana Pacers
Brian Dawkins

"Certain things aren’t in your control. Your work ethic and what you choose to do to take your skills to the next level are. POWERHANDZ products will assist you in developing those skills and revealing the true potential that lies within."

Brian Dawkins / Former NFL Professional, Current ESPN Analyst
Bill Burgos

"POWERHANDZ is a great tool to add into any Strength Coach or Athletic Trainers' workbox. It provides the necessary proprioceptive training along with the development of strength in the 9 extrinsic and 10 intrinsic muscles of the hand/wrist. As a Strength Coach, my goal is to help make every athlete better, and I believe that POWERHANDZ can help me achieve that goal by ensuring that we can cover all aspects of training."

Bill Burgos / NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach
Brian Anderson

"Unlike any other products on the market, POWERHANDZ "Pure Grip" gloves give you the ability to add weight to your bat while taking live batting practice. This product not only increases bat speed but also allows you to use your hand eye coordination."

Brian Anderson / Former MLB White Sox & Red Sox
Tim Brown

"Your natural abilities will only take you so far. It’s hard work, both at practice and on your own, that helps you become the greatest player you can be,” said Brown. “I am excited to team up with POWERHANDZ and spread the word about their great products. Playing receiver for 27 years, including 17 in the NFL, I can see how this product could have made me better. I look forward to seeing this great teaching tool impact athletes lives."

Tim Brown / Former NFL Professional
Tyler Relph

"My number one goal is to help players gain and keep a competitive edge. POWERHANDZ is by far the best training product for basketball players I have seen on the market. It’s not only a great ball handling tool, but it’s great for big guys too, as it helps with hands and explosion with the ball. I incorporate these products into my drills and they have truly been a game changer."

Tyler Relph / Elite Basketball Trainer

"When I started using POWERHANDZ on myself and on my clients, I was amazed by the instant results and how the products intensified my training. I love this game and I love seeing hard work and tactical training with POWERHANDZ products, make a direct impact on these players. I’m excited to be apart of their team."