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The Official POWERHANDZ Collection

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It doesn’t matter if you are trying to improve your contact-hitting towards the gap or power-hitting to clear the fence—POWERHANDZ is training equipment designed to help you do both. With use of our product both your fingers and forearm strength will increase allowing for increased bat control, power and speed bringing your swing through the strike zone. The weighted resistance provided when taking your cuts is the perfect counter-balance hitters at all levels can use in their development. All of you future Gold Glovers winners may also want to give our product a try to increase the strength and accuracy needed to hose down overconfident baserunners on the diamond. Allow POWERHANDZ to help you train with purpose as you ascend playing the nation’s pastime.



POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the glove with a grip material (similar to baseball/softball batting gloves) on the palm.

  • ►   Resistance increases proprioception
  • ►   Resistance develops finger and forearm strength
  • ►   Increased finger strength allows for proper control of bat in full swing
  • ►   Four way nylon stretch fabric provides durability and flexibility during movement


  • "Unlike any other products on the market, POWERHANDZ "Pure Grip" gloves give you the ability to add weight to your bat while taking live batting practice. This product not only increases bat speed but also allows you to use your hand eye coordination."
    Brian Anderson / Former MLB White Sox & Red Sox

  • "I’ve used donuts, etc for years but this is a different feel. It feels smoother. The glove feels like a batting glove and gives me that extra bat speed I need at the plate. Different than anything I’ve seen before but a very useful product. I recommend to all youth baseball players who are coming up."
    David Ortiz / 3X WORLD CHAMPION & 9X ALL STAR

  • "We starting using these last year for my 9-year old son. They made a HUGE difference in his swing. He has become a great batter."


How much do the gloves weigh?
Youth-Medium: Weigh Approximately 400 Grams or .88 lbs In Each Glove
Large- XXL: Weigh Approximately 453 Grams or 1 lb In Each Glove
How do you wash the gloves?
We Suggest Using a Non Toxic Aerosol Spray. Do Not Wash In The Wash Machine.
Do the gloves come in a pair?

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Any more questions? Ask us.

See the complete list of FAQ

Any more questions? Ask us.

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