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Dallas Startup Week

In the heart of Texas, there is a unique event taking place that is going to change the world. This amazing event is Dallas Startup Week, and POWERHANDZ is honored to partake in this game changer. The POWERHANDZ family will be in attendance and for good reason. In 2014, when we launched our first patented Anti-Grip Basketball Gloves, we were shipping out of our garage and now in 2019, we are shipping to over 81 countries and have grown so much as a company and as entrepreneurs. We are on the path to impacting thousands of lives in the world of athletic training, rehabilitation, and technology. The more we can accomplish as a business, the more we can change the world for the better. The official brand of the DSW is “Leaders of Innovation” and we are honored to be among driven people that live and breath this motto.

This is going to be an AMAZING event. Not only will 10,000 entrepreneurs and startups be gathering to network and improve their business. This isn’t just a week-long convention, this is an investment in your business and future. HUGE guests will also be making appearances. Major businessmen and women such as Mark Cuban, Morgan DeBaun, and Suzy Batiz will be speaking and meeting the guests. 150 sessions will be held highlighting growing your business, investing, networking, nearly everything a young business needs to know to become a success. Our very own CEO, Danyel Surrency Jones, will be speaking on the sports panel at the event. She will be speaking on Wednesday, April 3rd about securing the financial future of athletes and building a brand. As part of this panel, she will dive into branding opportunities for athletes at all stages of their lives!

Nothing is more important to us than making sure everyone that uses our products and technology is reaching their potential. It doesn’t matter if they are training to be the next legendary football star or just to improve themselves in their fitness journey, we want your hard work to be integrated with our technology that has proven results to enhance human performance. We will ALWAYS put athletes and patients first to help them become the best they can be. What matters to POWERHANDZ is that you become better than your best and are on the right path to reaching your goals.

We are extremely proud to be part of the official kickoff on of Dallas Startup on WFAA. Check out this clip and give POWERHANDZ a shout out!! We were joined by Alyce Alston, CEO of the DEC Network and our fellow entrepreneurs to show off our products and to give everyone a sneak preview for DSW.

We are humbled and honored to be leading the charge and taking steps to reach the next level by being part of Dallas Startup Week and the entrepreneur community. Dallas Startup Week is the ultimate event for entrepreneurs and POWERHANDZ  AND our POWER TO GIVE FOUNDATION can’t wait to be on the front row, taking notes. We’ll see you there, fam!

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Increase Your Bat Speed With POWERHANDZ

Spring Training is just around the corner and baseball players all over the country will be gathering to train until their arms are sore and knees are weak to be in the best shape for the upcoming season. Our POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Baseball Gloves will elevate your training to the highest level and ensure that you are able to dominate every game. We have poured our heart and soul into our products along with the latest scientific innovations to create the ultimate baseball training product. Let our gear propel you to becoming the MVP of your team.

Better Bat Control

When you step up to take a swing, you need to have complete control over the bat. Too little results in you swing randomly and wildly hoping to make contact with the ball. You aren’t swinging a fan to cool the other team off, you are swinging a bat with pin-point accuracy. Having incredible control over how you move the bat is key to being a successful player. Our gloves have been specially designed to help you improve this skill. After just a few training days wearing them, the bat will become an extension of your arms.

Finger and Wrist Strengthening

Baseball is all about the hands. Catching, throwing, hitting, everything comes from the hands. Every player needs to make sure that their wrists and fingers are as strong as possible. Our gloves are built with extra weight, meaning that all your training becomes that much harder.

Increase Bat Speed

How can you get a killer hit on a ball to ensure you get to 2nd base? Making sure you can get more momentum with your swings. The faster your bat is going, the more power it will have. What does more power mean in a swing? You can hit the ball farther. One amazing hit can change the course of a game. Our weighted gloves help increase your swing speed by helping you build muscle in your wrists. More strength means faster bat speed and all that extra speed means more power out of each hit.

Improved Results

When you are up to bat with the bases loaded, the only thing that you can rely on is your training. Have you worked hard enough to ensure that you don’t crash and burn your team’s hopes of a championship? When you train with the baseball gloves you know that you have. We challenge everyone to spend their spring training with our Pure Grip Baseball Gloves.

Baseball training is here and you are going to kill it. Our gloves will allow you to become the GOAT for your team. Your bat speed will go through the roof when you train with us and that means you will be able to overcome any team you go up against. To learn more about POWERHANDZ and how to become a champion, read our blog!

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Take your Lifting Sessions to the Next Level With POWERHANDZ

Summer is just around the corner and you want to take your lifting to the next level for that extra push towards your dream body. You could try drinking more protein shakes or using heavier weights, but this just isn’t enough. The best way you can improve your lifts is by working smarter not harder. What’s the smartest way to take all your workouts to the next level? With the POWERHANDZ POWERFIT Weighted Gloves. We want everyone to train with purpose and designed these gloves to be the best training gear out there. Built with extra weight and expertly woven together, these gloves are built for athletes by athletes. Our one of a kind product will let you destroy every lift you do and get more from every workout.

Improved Strength

You can keep doing the same old exercises and lifting the same weights for fixed results or you can take that routine to the next level. Our gloves are designed to not just be worn for workouts but to be a part of them. What do we mean by this? This specialized gear has been painstakingly designed to work with your kinetic chain, the key to all movement. This not only helps enhance your movement but also give your muscles an extra boost when working hard at the gym.

Added Weight

One of the best methods of increasing your gains from lifting is to work out with extra weight. That’s why our gloves carry additional weight to help squeeze every ounce out of your lifts. How does the science behind this work exactly? So when your body works out, the muscle will grow by repairing the tears made by stress placed on them. While a lot of the stress comes from the physical weights themselves, items such as clothing and gear also add to the total weight on the body. The extra weight provided by the gloves increases the amount of work your body has to do thus stimulating a cycle of greater growth! You will get more results out of each workout with the added gloves than without them. Lightweight may not feel like much, but it will add up to explosive results over time.

Strengthen Your Hands

Hand strength is an extremely important aspect that many people tend to never consider. You need these muscles for everything from openings a jar in the kitchen to being able to help support yourself when you get off of the floor. On top of these facts, it’s also crucial for all sports. How are you going to be able to make that winning touchdown if you can barely hold onto the ball? Train your hands along with your arms while lifting with the POWERFIT gloves!

At POWERHANDZ, you are more than just a customer, you are family. We know you can be a champion and want to help you reach that goal. That’s why we have created the best gear on the planet for training in all sports including basketball, football, baseball, MMA, and fitness. Even if you just want to improve your overall health and wellness, we will help you get to your goal. Let’s start your fitness journey today. To learn more about POWERHANDZ and how to be a champion, check out our blog.

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Have a Powerful Women’s History Month

Women's History Month - POWERHANDZ

If you didn’t know this month is Women’s History Month, now you know! It is a time to remember and celebrate the achievements of women throughout the history of this great nation. Our family at  POWERHANDZ is incredibly grateful to have so many remarkable women in our lives and knows that the future will be so incredibly bright; but a bright future begins now. There is no time like the present and today is a gift to all women for empowerment and success. Oprah once saidThink like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” Being an empowered female isn’t always easy but it is one of the most gratifying paths in life.

We want to give a massive shout out to all the amazing women who follow their dreams and let nothing stop them. Women’s History Month isn’t about one specific group, country, or type of women, it’s about all women, most importantly for empowering women. We want all women to show the world how strong, determined, unstoppable, and ready to reach the top they are.

The future is what we make of it and who knows what that will look like with more strong women. The time is now to seize opportunities and create the future you want. This is #OURTIME!

Never forget, you can do whatever you want and never be afraid to pursue your dreams. The POWERHANDZ family is rooting for you every step of the way. As Rihanna saidThere’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.” Get out there and make history.

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How to Dominate NFL Combine Drills With POWERHANDZ

There are few sporting events as thrilling and exciting as the NFL combine. This event sees the best of the best in college football and is taking place this year at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Scouts from the NFL will observe players competing and showing off their skills in various drills such as the broad jump, bench press, the 40-yard dash, and other drills that will push their limits. A great performance here can be the difference between a career ending in college and someone becoming an NFL superstar. Naturally, you are going to be the superstar which is why you should be training for the combine with a pair of POWERHANDZ gloves. Our POWERHANDZ family knows you have what it takes to elevate your skills, so we have crafted our gloves to help you get there. Training with us will ensure that you are ready to master and crush each and every combine drill.

Stimulate Muscles Growth

Our gloves will help you build muscle and increase your strength due to the light-weight on your hands. Whenever you workout with them on, your muscles will be under extra strain, encouraging more growth. Eventually, this extra boost adds up giving you a leg up over everyone else who didn’t train with POWERHANDZ. Use our gloves to become the strongest player on the field, both physically and through your kinetic chain. With a strong kinetic chain, your athletic capabilities are limitless.

Increased speed

Aside from strength, speed is the other major factor every scout will be looking for. In fact, some sports professionals believe that speed is more important to the game than strength. When you train with our gloves, your speed will increase. You’re probably wondering how that is exactly, “how will gloves help me to get faster?” The science behind it is pretty cool actually. As we stated before, the gloves have extra weight on them. When you train with this extra weight, your body will at first tire but eventually get used to moving around with the added heft on. This means once you take them off and hit the ground running without the weight, you will move faster. Take your speed to the next level with our gloves.

Improving jumping and agility

Basketball might be known for players jumping superhumanly, but football has had its fair share of leaps of faith. We’ve all seen those killer videos of players leaping out of the way or jumping over charging players to score a winning touchdown. If it wasn’t important, why would they include jumping drills in the combine? Your ability to jump and your overall agility will be elevated when you use our POWERHANDZ gloves. Don’t just overpower and outspeed the competition, smoke them with your agility.

Confidence boost

You can have the best physical abilities in the world but they won’t mean anything if you don’t have the confidence to back your skill up. Studies have found time and time again that when an athlete is confident they get better results out of their game, no matter what it is. You need to walk into the combine knowing your trained to be the best and are going to demolish anyone standing in your way.

At POWERHANDZ, we take pride in athletes using our gear to reach their full potential. We don’t just specialize in football but in other sports too including basketball, baseball, MMA, and more. Our amazing products will help you work out better and achieve physical excellence. It doesn’t matter if you want to become the next Tom Brady or just to improve your physical health. We are here to make it happen! To learn more about POWERHANDZ and becoming an athletic legend, check out our blog.