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Message from our CEO

Dear Thanksgiving,

Wow—I woke up this morning and decided to write my first letter to you, in appreciation for your life long service to our households, community and this country. If your heart receives nothing else from my words, know that I am SO thankful that you represent the core of our being.

In business, as in our personal life, it’s very easy to get so caught up in dealing with a negative perspective that we overlook all the positive outcomes. We tend to spend our time solving problems that demand our attention, instead of being thankful we have a problem to solve and people who want to help solve them—only to enrich another life.

Yes, we will go through another quarter, another family dinner and another crisis, but through the pivots, gratefulness will sustain our purpose. Gratefulness will help us overcome any negative energy that life may bring. Thanksgiving, YOU are the reminder of good. The reminder of courage. The reminder of grace.

Thank you for sending an incredible group of diverse people and partners that help serve and solve problems for our customers. Each member of our team, is truly the CEO of our vision. Thank you for their brilliance and time invested in serving our customers. I ask that you bless their lives and households, ten fold.

Thank you for our customers who “chose” to spend their hard earned income with us and trust our innovation to enter their homes and impact their lives. You are the heart of all businesses and we are beyond grateful for you intentionally supporting our dreams, ideas and innovation. We are nothing, without you.

Last…but certainly not least, I extend tremendous gratitude, to families— for representing the love, joy, support and forgiveness we want the world to see.

Thanksgiving, you are our hero. Thank you for your service.

Danyel Surrency Jones

President, Power To Give Foundation

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Your Last Breath Restored Our Voice

As I listened to George Floyd take his final breaths of life, he cried out PLEASE, 14 times. I don’t believe his plea was just for the officer to remove his knee off his neck—his cry was for America to remove its knee and stop suffocating from racism, stereotypes, inequalities and overall injustices.

George, your last breath restored our voice.

Each of our communities have contributed to this continuous cycle of racial inequalities. There is NO in between or a BUT.
Either you are anti-racist or you are racist.
Either you embrace your teammate as your brother or sister or you don’t.
Either you deal with your stereotypes that create racist judgements or you don’t.

George, your last breath restored our voice.

We were afraid to tell you POWERHANDZ was founded by 2 brilliant black people who risked everything—-our 401K, time with our 2 young children, our personal health at times, to design products and a brand that will UPLIFT our communities by making you STRONGER. For 6 years, we have seen your color, we hear your desire to get better and we LOVE everyone in all 86 countries who sacrificed your dollar to support our mission.

POWERHANDZ and its POWER TO GIVE Foundation understands the black community and the history of our journey. We will always stand with you. We commit to being a stronger bridge to UNITY and will make sure our voice is the change that creates change.

George, you are our HERO. The last moments of your life was not filmed for us to repost on social media. Your last breath was taken to restore our VOICE. Thank you for breathing life into hearts again.

Danyel Surrency Jones
President, Power To Give Foundation

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We’re Here For You, Texas

How POWERHANDZ is working to keep our communities safe.

As you may have seen on the news, Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas businesses, such as gyms and exercise facilities will reopen on May 18th. The only thing is, there are some specific guidelines that must be followed. They are:

  • Customers must wear gloves that cover their whole hands and fingers
  • Gyms must operate at 25% capacity
  • Showers and locker rooms must remain closed during the first phase (Restrooms will be open)
  • All equipment must be disinfected
  • Must maintain 6-feet social distancing inside the gym
  • If gym-goers bring a yoga mat or other equipment from home, it must be disinfected before use

To some, these changes may be challenging, but for us, we believe this is an opportunity for everyone to get stronger, faster, and more powerful while keeping everyone safe.  Continue reading We’re Here For You, Texas

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How we are handling COVID-19 as a company and are encouraging people to #TrainInside #TrainForTheWorld

At POWERHANDZ, we understand that times are currently tough, hectic, and at points, emotionally draining. Even with all of these hardships, we want you to know that we are here. Our team, customers, supporters, and all we come in contact with inspire us beyond words and fuel our fire each and every day. Currently, we are working hard around the clock to ensure that everyone has what they need to make the most out of this situation. Even with travel restrictions and certain organizations pausing operations, we are still shipping around the world and want to assure everyone that our manufacturing and fulfillment processes have been adjusted to meet the challenges brought about by COVID-19. 

To inspire those who are currently without a team to practice with, a gym to train in, or the motivation to stay in shape, we are introducing our #TrainInside #TrainForTheWorld movement. We are currently offering a 15% off discount on the entire POWERHANDZ Collection – all you need to do to claim it is use the promo code #TRAININSIDE2020 when checking out. We will also be hosting live workouts with experts in various segments of fitness including basketball, football, fitness, and more so follow our social media pages to keep updated! 

Even though we are facing many challenges, our team at POWERHANDZ confidently believes that together, we can come back stronger than ever. Think positively, work hard, and #TrainWithPurpose.

POWERHANDZ FAM, we appreciate you!

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#TrainInside #TrainForTheWorld – 15% Off The Entire POWERHANDZ Collection

No practice? No problem. Come back stronger than ever by training with POWERHANDZ in your home gym, in your garage, or in your backyard.

POWERHANDZ FAM, the game never stops. Are times right now challenging? Yes. Are people disappointed about games getting cancelled? Absolutely. Are there concrete plans for the future of the sports we all love to watch and participate in? Not yet. What to do? Keep on training. To us, nothing is more important than improving outcomes for athletes, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and rehab patients around the world and we understand right now times can be challenging. To fuel all of those remarkable individual’s fires, we are offering 15% off our entire POWERHANDZ collection. Basketball players, football players, baseball/softball players, Boxers/MMA fighters, and Fitness enthusiasts can all benefit from this deal. The COVID-19 pandemic may alter life as we know it, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO SHIFT OUR GOALS. Continue reading #TrainInside #TrainForTheWorld – 15% Off The Entire POWERHANDZ Collection