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40 Best Fitness Gifts to Give Any Athlete in 2022

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The grind never stops, even for the holiday season. If you’ve got an athlete in your life, you know that they devote countless hours to gearing up, working out, and recovering—and you can take a pretty good guess that they want their gifts to be just as wellness-oriented as they are, which is why we’ve rounded up the best fitness gifts.

Fitness gifts don’t have to be huge, although big-ticket items are always welcome. What really makes a quality present for a fitness fanatic is a sense of personality; whether you spend $5 or $500, it’s most important to make sure that your workout buddy, boyfriend, mom, or coworker will be able to use whatever you give them.

Before you add anything to your cart, think hard about what each recipient likes to do: Is he always swimming laps? Do they hike every single weekend? Will she run even through torrential downpours? With this background, you’ll be able to find the right gift—and maybe even make them believe you have ESP.

Maybe you have a husband who loves to golf in the early morning hours (see our gifts for husbands!), or a daughter who is determined to run her first marathon (also, see our best gifts for teens). Tell all your worries to take a backseat, because the gift ideas ahead make every kind of workout easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

From gloves and headgear to bath soaks and foam rollers, and tons of other fitness accessories, there’s something here for every fitness level. (And hey, these ideas might even motivate you to pick up a new hobby!) Read on to find the best fitness gifts for every kind of athlete in 2022.

That’s where we come in. We’ve gathered 65 of the best birthday gifts for husbands and partners, so we have a pretty good feeling you’ll find at least one gift idea they’ll love. Whether they’re the sentimental type, a foodie at heart, or just someone who appreciates a good cup of coffee, there’s definitely a present in this guide that your S.O. would love to unwrap and use immediately. And since one of the perks of being married is sharing everything, you might find a few gifts here that both of you can enjoy. (What?? There’s no harm in picking something you like too!!)

So go ahead and level up that gift-giving game with the absolute best gifts for husbands and partners below.

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