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No practice? No problem. Come back stronger than ever by training with POWERHANDZ in your home gym, in your garage, or in your backyard.

POWERHANDZ FAM, the game never stops. Are times right now challenging? Yes. Are people disappointed about games getting cancelled? Absolutely. Are there concrete plans for the future of the sports we all love to watch and participate in? Not yet. What to do? Keep on training. To us, nothing is more important than improving outcomes for athletes, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and rehab patients around the world and we understand right now times can be challenging. To fuel all of those remarkable individual’s fires, we are offering 15% off our entire POWERHANDZ collection. Basketball players, football players, baseball/softball players, Boxers/MMA fighters, and Fitness enthusiasts can all benefit from this deal. The COVID-19 pandemic may alter life as we know it, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO SHIFT OUR GOALS.

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Some of our favorites that are perfect for home workouts are our: 





POWERHANDZ POWERFIT Training Gloves have weight strategically distributed across the top side of the gloves, along with a grip material on the palm that is reinforced with foam gel padding. These gloves are suitable for any type of fitness training: weight-lifting, cross-training, cycling and general workouts. The weight resistance on the gloves improves strength, while the foam gel provides protection from calluses and blisters.

Weighted Anti-Grip Basketball Gloves




POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Weighted Training Gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the gloves and an anti-friction material on the palm side of the gloves, making it more difficult to dribble a basketball when training.






POWERHANDZ Pop Up Defender is a compressed, collapsible 3-foot-5 statue that can be used as a defender for basketball, football and soccer. The innovative Pop Up Defender easily collapses and contains storage space inside, making it the perfect choice for coaches and athletes to take with them to simulate real live defenders on the field or court.





POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Removable basketball wrap is placed around the circumference of a basketball, decreasing control when dribbling or catching the ball.





The POWERSUIT is a patented weighted suit, weighing approximately 10lbs and used for any type of fitness training. The neoprene suit has six flexible rubber weights, ranging from 1.25lbs on the upper body to 2.5lbs on each thigh, all woven directly into the fabric of the suit and non – removable.

In addition to these products, we have TONS OF OTHERS that are perfect to take your talents and strength to a level you never thought possible.

Stay positive. Work hard. Use this time to grind harder than you ever thought possible. Come back stronger than ever with POWERHANDZ.

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