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Message from our CEO

Dear Thanksgiving,

Wow—I woke up this morning and decided to write my first letter to you, in appreciation for your life long service to our households, community and this country. If your heart receives nothing else from my words, know that I am SO thankful that you represent the core of our being.

In business, as in our personal life, it’s very easy to get so caught up in dealing with a negative perspective that we overlook all the positive outcomes. We tend to spend our time solving problems that demand our attention, instead of being thankful we have a problem to solve and people who want to help solve them—only to enrich another life.

Yes, we will go through another quarter, another family dinner and another crisis, but through the pivots, gratefulness will sustain our purpose. Gratefulness will help us overcome any negative energy that life may bring. Thanksgiving, YOU are the reminder of good. The reminder of courage. The reminder of grace.

Thank you for sending an incredible group of diverse people and partners that help serve and solve problems for our customers. Each member of our team, is truly the CEO of our vision. Thank you for their brilliance and time invested in serving our customers. I ask that you bless their lives and households, ten fold.

Thank you for our customers who “chose” to spend their hard earned income with us and trust our innovation to enter their homes and impact their lives. You are the heart of all businesses and we are beyond grateful for you intentionally supporting our dreams, ideas and innovation. We are nothing, without you.

Last…but certainly not least, I extend tremendous gratitude, to families— for representing the love, joy, support and forgiveness we want the world to see.

Thanksgiving, you are our hero. Thank you for your service.

Danyel Surrency Jones

President, Power To Give Foundation

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