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We’re Here For You, Texas

How POWERHANDZ is working to keep our communities safe.

As you may have seen on the news, Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas businesses, such as gyms and exercise facilities will reopen on May 18th. The only thing is, there are some specific guidelines that must be followed. They are:

  • Customers must wear gloves that cover their whole hands and fingers
  • Gyms must operate at 25% capacity
  • Showers and locker rooms must remain closed during the first phase (Restrooms will be open)
  • All equipment must be disinfected
  • Must maintain 6-feet social distancing inside the gym
  • If gym-goers bring a yoga mat or other equipment from home, it must be disinfected before use

To some, these changes may be challenging, but for us, we believe this is an opportunity for everyone to get stronger, faster, and more powerful while keeping everyone safe. 

DFW is the proud home of POWERHANDZ and right now, we know our friends, neighbors, and loved ones need us. Because of this, we’re putting action plans in place so people can stay fit while promoting safety. 

Here’s what we’ll be rolling out within the next few days:

Phase 1

Step 1: We will be selling our POWERHANDZ POWERFIT Gloves with surgical gloves and our antibacterial spray. The POWERFIT Gloves are ideal for strengthening hand muscles, arm muscles, and core muscles while preventing calluses, blisters, aches, and pains that come along with a hard training session. Our antibacterial spray can be used for both cleaning the POWERFIT Gloves as well as gym equipment and surgical gloves can be used to reduce the amount of contact made in public spaces.

Step 2: We will begin selling our POWERHANDZ Lifestyle Training Gloves with antibacterial spray. The Lifestyle Training Gloves cover the whole hand and have gripping material on the palm, which is perfect for firmly grasping weights and exercise machines without touching any potentially contaminated spaces.

Step 3: We are fortunate enough to have many training centers located all throughout Texas that train with POWERHANDZ. We will be asking them to promote our gloves for each of their specific sports with our antibacterial spray. We know how important it is to get back to regular training, but right now, safety has to come first. 

The most important thing in the entire world to us is keeping our communities safe when businesses begin to open back up, and the most impactful way to do that is by following those steps mapped out above. We are all about helping, giving back, and spreading positivity and that is exactly what we’re doing to do. Stay tuned, POWERHANDZ FAM, we have a lot of excitement coming for when your favorite gym opens back up!

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