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Your Last Breath Restored Our Voice

As I listened to George Floyd take his final breaths of life, he cried out PLEASE, 14 times. I don’t believe his plea was just for the officer to remove his knee off his neck—his cry was for America to remove its knee and stop suffocating from racism, stereotypes, inequalities and overall injustices.

George, your last breath restored our voice.

Each of our communities have contributed to this continuous cycle of racial inequalities. There is NO in between or a BUT.
Either you are anti-racist or you are racist.
Either you embrace your teammate as your brother or sister or you don’t.
Either you deal with your stereotypes that create racist judgements or you don’t.

George, your last breath restored our voice.

We were afraid to tell you POWERHANDZ was founded by 2 brilliant black people who risked everything—-our 401K, time with our 2 young children, our personal health at times, to design products and a brand that will UPLIFT our communities by making you STRONGER. For 6 years, we have seen your color, we hear your desire to get better and we LOVE everyone in all 86 countries who sacrificed your dollar to support our mission.

POWERHANDZ and its POWER TO GIVE Foundation understands the black community and the history of our journey. We will always stand with you. We commit to being a stronger bridge to UNITY and will make sure our voice is the change that creates change.

George, you are our HERO. The last moments of your life was not filmed for us to repost on social media. Your last breath was taken to restore our VOICE. Thank you for breathing life into hearts again.

Danyel Surrency Jones
President, Power To Give Foundation

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