We carry out our vision through programs that enhance academics and athletic success and that provide life skills and leadership training, promoting our core values of community service.

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Our Mission

To develop targeted programs that increase a commitment to athletic and academic excellence for youth in underserved communities.

Who We Are

POWER TO GIVE Foundation supports youth athletes growing up with dreams of becoming confident and successful individuals that are positively affecting the quality of life in their community. Through our programs we seek to increase the awareness of the undisputed impact that athletic, education, and career development training programs have on academic and athletic success, as well as overall stability of the communities we serve. A portion of every dollar that POWERHANDZ receives for its products are donated to POWER TO GIVE initiatives with a mission to develop targeted programs that increase a commitment to athletic and academic excellence for youth in underserved communities.

Our programs expose youth to high-quality athletic, education, and career development programming. These services are used to train, educate, and inspire youth in a planned path to education and athletic excellence. Together we will strive to take steps to expand POWER TO GIVE’s reach and influence as the impact on our future leaders is increasing generationally.


With the POWER TO FIGHT initiative, we strive to inspire and encourage athletes who have been impacted by varying illnesses and diseases to fight for their lives and not be defined by their illness.

After learning of the fight of a local hero, the POWER TO GIVE Board voted unanimously to have the first POWER TO FIGHT campaign fight breast cancer.

In the spirit of FIGHT, our inaugural campaign centered on fighting Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In conjunction with POWERHANDZ, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Michelle Zada, a former professional dancer with the Dallas Black Dance Theater who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in May of 2015, we were able to team up and raise money to help Ms. Zada and FIGHT cancer. Fortunately, through our partner’s generosity, we were able to arrange that a percentage of the POWERHANDZ product sales during breast cancer awareness month (October 2015) would be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Ms. Zada.


POWER TO GIVE partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth for an initiative that will impact the Panther Club, which services youth from 6-24 years of age.

Through our continued collaboration, POWER TO GIVE provides enriching programs for youth from disadvantaged circumstances to develop the qualities needed to become responsible citizens. The first of many projects include building and equipping the club with the resources needed to launch their very own youth basketball program. The program will help youth toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, teamwork, leadership, and valuable life principles.


POWER TO GIVE Partners with the Panther Club of Fort Worth, a service organization comprised of young professionals raising money for Boys & Girls Clubs, to host their annual “Christmas for Kids” party for children from the Boys & Girls Clubs. This popular program is held in December and consists of the Boys and Girls Club, the Panther Club, POWER TO GIVE, donors, and friends who will sponsor a Boys & Girls Club for Christmas. At the event, the children will receive gifts that they have requested but their families may not be able to provide or afford.

On this night the Panther Club members, The POWER TO GIVE Foundation, donors, and friends of the Boys and Girls Clubs will do more than hand out gifts. We will interact with the children and provide them with a wonderful evening featuring Santa Claus, presents, food, and fun. It will truly get you in the spirit!

For more information, please contact the POWER TO GIVE FOUNDATION.

Founder, Board Chair and President
Darnell Jones
Founder, Board Director and Treasurer
Fred Brown
Vice Chair and Secretary

POWERHANDZ is committed to being more than just a sports training company.


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