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POWERSUIT - patented weighted body suit

POWERSUIT - Weighted Body Suit

The POWERSUIT from POWERHANDZ is a patented weighted body suit, weighing approximately 10 lbs and used for any type of fitness training. The neoprene suit has six flexible rubber weights, ranging from 1.25 lbs on the upper body to 2.5 lbs on each thigh, all woven directly into the fabric of the suit and non – removable.

  • Delivery expected the end of April
  • Develops higher levels of endurance
  • Patented Design
  • Full body resistance training
  • Develops core strength
  • Increases explosive reaction
  • Promotes correct breathing
  • Simulates wearing tactical gear
  • Decreases injury risk by improving overall physical ability



Just as athletes dream of making a game winning play, our founder dreamed of developing the next generation of training gear. Years of research, prototyping and development went into our final product ­just like years of practice and drills go into making a top athlete. Whether you buy one weighted body suit or several for your team of athletes, you’ll know you’re getting the end result of thousands of hours of research work. Believe us, you’ll feel the difference the minute you put it on. Then, when you take it off after your workout, you’ll REALLY feel the difference!

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