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We’re Here For You, Texas

How POWERHANDZ is working to keep our communities safe.

As you may have seen on the news, Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas businesses, such as gyms and exercise facilities will reopen on May 18th. The only thing is, there are some specific guidelines that must be followed. They are:

  • Customers must wear gloves that cover their whole hands and fingers
  • Gyms must operate at 25% capacity
  • Showers and locker rooms must remain closed during the first phase (Restrooms will be open)
  • All equipment must be disinfected
  • Must maintain 6-feet social distancing inside the gym
  • If gym-goers bring a yoga mat or other equipment from home, it must be disinfected before use

To some, these changes may be challenging, but for us, we believe this is an opportunity for everyone to get stronger, faster, and more powerful while keeping everyone safe.  Continue reading We’re Here For You, Texas