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Take Your Team to the Top With POWERHANDZ

How coaches can add POWERHANDZ products to everyday training routines.

In virtually every sport, athletes are getting faster, stronger, and more competitive. This means two things – competitions are getting more exciting as talent increases and that it is becoming harder for athletes to keep up if they’re not putting everything they have into training. Our team at POWERHANDZ noticed the gap separating good athletes from great athletes growing many years ago and decided that we needed to find a way to help all athletes train purposefully. This meant creating products like our Weighted Football Gloves with Anti-Grip Palms to make catching the ball more difficult and our POP UP DEFENDER to simulate real-life defenders for athletes to maneuver around in training so that once they’re on the playing field, they can dominate. We’re focused on empowering all athletes with our technology so that they can perform at the absolute highest level.

For many years now, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the top athletes in the NCAA to get ready for the NFL Combine plus we’ve helped some of the top NBA players tighten up their handles for game day, so we know exactly what goes into getting someone to the top of their game. We have the technology and tools to make a player faster and more effective on the playing field than ever before and believe that with the right coach using our products, there are no limits to what people can accomplish. Since we care about coaches greatly and they are the MVPs, as well as student athletes, we came up with some ways that you can take your team to the top with POWERHANDZ products at practices, camps, or clinics.

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Weighted Anti-Grip Football Gloves

Not only do our Weighted Anti-Grip Gloves make catching the ball harder, but they have added weight that makes every single movement harder. By adding weight to the end of your wrists, you actually strengthen your kinetic chain which allows you to move better and more efficiently across the playing field. Whether you are training your starting point guard to tighten up their handles or are looking to increase the speed of your top-ranked cornerback, POWERHANDZ is perfect. Here is a workout with the gloves that we absolutely love for our football players:

  1. Have a player put on our Weighted Anti-Grip Football Gloves. Once they’re on and feeling good, have them do quick steps for 20 yards while rapidly moving their hands as well.
  2. Once they’re looking fast and are feeling good, blow your whistle and have them stop in place and then blow it again for them to continue on. This will not only enhance their ability to change gears, which is crucial in sports.

Some additional drills that are ideal with POWERHANDZ are running routes to enhance proprioception while having to make grabs under pressure and doing quick feet movements on a ladder wearing POWERHANDZ to make it more challenging. With the added weight of our Weighted Gloves with Anti-Grip Palms, every single training exercise is that much harder so that when game time comes around, players are unstoppable.


For those coaches that want to simulate real-life defenders during practice, the POP UP DEFENDER is ideal. It is lightweight, easily collapsible, can be used to store training gear and can be used for many different sports ranging from basketball to football to soccer. We’ve heard numerous coaches say, “There’s nothing that can prepare you for the game like competing under pressure,” and that is exactly what we’re creating with the POP UP DEFENDER. Whether you’re a basketball coach striving to help players maneuver their way to the hoop or are a football coach hoping to elevate your WR’s cutting abilities, we’ve got the tool you need to help them dominate. For all of our basketball coaches, here’s a great drill we love:

  1. Put two POP UP DEFENDERS on the right and left side of the foul line.
  2. Have a player run up from the baseline to accept a pass and quickly turn around the POP UP DEFENDER and head to the hoop to complete a layup.
  3. Once your players have mastered this and feel comfortable, move the POP UP DEFENDERS to the 3 court line and have players run up to the POP UP DEFENDER, accept a pass, dribble around the first POP UP DEFENDER and head to the other one.
  4. Once making it to the second POP UP DEFENDER, have them pull up and knock down a 3.

This simulates real-life movements in a game and will teach players exactly how they should maneuver around defenders. Since we’ve introduced the POP UP DEFENDER, we have had numerous coaches reach out to us to let us know all about how much more intelligently their players work around the court. Whether you train a young AAU team or are working with pros, there is a place for the POP UP DEFENDER. Recently, Lebron James was even filmed working out with one of our POP UP DEFENDERS! If they work for King James, then we know it is effective.


From the playing surfaces right to the gym. This is where our POWERFIT Gloves thrive. They are weighted, which makes every movement more difficult, strengthening the kinetic chain, and they are breathable for even the hardest gym workout. These have become a hit amongst personal training coaches because they can be worn during an entire workout. From shadow boxing to benching weights to doing push-ups, the POWERFIT Fitness Gloves are ideal. You can also pair them with our POWERSUIT. We also have our next-generation high-performance POWERFIT Training Gloves, which are great for our boxers. For coaches that want to get the most out of their athletes in the gym, our POWERFIT gloves are a must because they purposefully add weight to every movement whether that athlete is working on strength solely or are rehabbing.

Here is a great gym workout that we love in our POWERFIT Gloves.

  1. Burpees! Have your athlete start on the ground on their stomach elbows up. Have them do a push-up and then pop up to their feet.
  2. Once they’re on their feet, have them drop back down into a push-up position and then lower down. This process can be repeated based on the fitness of your athlete.

After making every motion harder, that very same athlete that took part in the burpees exercise will be able to move easier and more efficiently due to a strengthened kinetic chain. These gloves help increase proprioception as well, which is great for all athletes.

At POWERHANDZ, we are focused on enhancing human performance and rehabilitation efforts on a global scale with our technology. Our innovative designs allow us to provide coaches and athletes with the tools they need to become better competitors than they ever thought possible.

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