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Elevate Your Baseball Training With POWERHANDZ

The boost you need to take your fielding and batting to the next level.

“To be the best, you must face the best. And to overcome your fear, you must deal with the best.” – Barry Bonds, the greatest home run hitter in MLB history.

The only way to have the opportunity to compete against the best and to face your fears is to train at your best on a consistent basis. As technology and new training techniques are established, players are going to continue elevating their performances, meaning that if they are workout out differently, it is essential that you do as well. Baseball is a sport where not only every second counts, but every millisecond counts. When a baseball leaves a pitcher’s hand, it takes just 0.1 of a second for the hitter just to locate the ball. In this incredibly short period of time, the ball has traveled 12 feet. It also takes the batter seven-hundredths of a second to calculate the speed, spin, and trajectory of the ball. In this time the ball has already traveled another 10 feet. It then takes the batter 0.017 of a second for the brain and body to work together to execute a swing. This means that the batter has about 0.09 of a second to make the decision whether to swing or not. If there is any hesitation, even a thousandth of a second, it could result in a foul ball or a strike.

When creating and testing our products, the team at POWERHANDZ took all of these milliseconds into consideration. Time flies by when you are competing in a game and they go by even faster when you are up at bat. To prepare for these moments that require pure focus and athletic ability coming together, training with purpose will pay off for you and your team.

Weight Makes a Difference

Many baseball players are under the impression that training with heavy weights will be the difference between smashing the ball out of the park and hitting a pop fly to the outfield for an easy out. Yes, weight training is essential to strengthening specific muscles, but those weights will not allow you to improve your kinetic chain as POWERHANDZ Pure-Grip Baseball Gloves will. According to John Brenkus, the co-founder and co-CEO of BASE Productions and the brains behind Sports Science, “If you have very light-weight on the end of your hands and you’re moving, your body is saying, “Well I don’t need to engage my biceps a disproportionate amount, or my deltoids, or my lats, I need my entire body to be engaged to compensate for this light-weight that is at the tip of my kinetic chain.” Strengthening your whole body is why you see bat-speed increasing and vertical jumping increasing.” With POWERHANDZ, you are getting a workout that impacts your entire body rather than specific muscle groups.

The Transfer of Energy

 When a 5’10” pitcher throws a 90 MPH fastball, it is not because they are an athletic freak, it is because they have an extremely efficient kinetic chain, an aspect of the human body that is elevated with you train with POWERHANDZ Gloves. Energy that is transferred efficiently will be the difference between swinging harder and laying down a clutch hit for your team and sending a foul ball into the stands. According to John Brenkus, when energy is unable to properly pass through the kinetic chain, it is blocked and the energy transfer stops, which is common amongst many amateur athletes. The difference between an amateur athlete being able to throw hard versus a professional athlete being able to throw hard doesn’t come down to arm strength, it comes down to kinetic efficiency. With POWERHANDZ Gloves, you will instantly be given the opportunity to strengthen your kinetic train and ultimately perform better.

To our team at POWERHANDZ, there is nothing greater than helping athletes everywhere train with purpose each and every day. Whether they are in the weight room or out on the diamond, an athlete’s success is ultimately our success. This holiday season, give either yourself or a friend or family member the gift that will never stop giving, a pair of POWERHANDZ gloves. Taking your performances to the next level is as easy as putting them on and dominating a workout.  

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