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Elevating your Camp or Clinic with POWERHANDZ

Summer is just around the corner and before you know it, Memorial Day Weekend will be here. That means the schools shut down and the summer camps open. What camp will you be running this year? A sleep away 3-week football program? Perhaps a month-long intensive 8:00 am to 1:00 pm basketball training camp? Maybe you’ll even run a specialized clinic 3 days a week. No matter what, you do you NEED the aid of POWERHANDZ. We want athletes to train with purpose, which is why we’ve developed gloves specifically to help breed excellence. No matter what program you are running this summer, we are here to make it exceptional. Just take a look at why you NEED to be using POWERHANDZ products once the training begins!

Can Help With Any Sport

Your camp likely specializes in one specific sport. Whether it’s football, basketball, boxing or even MMA. POWERHANDZ can help take your camp’s training to the next level. We designed our products to help athletes in all sports. Want to improve someone’s football skills? Try our amazing Football Gloves. Need to really squeeze that extra bit out of your MMA camp? Our gloves will help push them over the edge. No matter what sport your camp specializes in, we know that POWERHANDZ can push your program to new heights.

Perfect for Building Strength

No matter what sport someone plays, they need to be in peak form for it. Our gloves help radically improve the strength in someone’s arms, wrists, and hands. While this may seem like an odd group, these muscles are the key to thriving in every sport. This doesn’t just stop with sports training, it can help boost the patients of any clinic. Nearly all active requires these muscles, so why wouldn’t they need to be in top form? When you partner with POWERHANDZ, everyone you work with will gain a massive boost in their strength. This will make a world of difference in that one deciding moment on the field!

Maximize Benefits

The gloves won’t just help build strength but include tons of other benefits. The equipment from POWERHANDZ is designed to help increase a wide variety of skills at once rather than one. Reaction time, hand speed, grip strength, endurance, and overall fitness will dramatically increase. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, all of these skills are necessary to become the best on the field. Whether you are having aspiring All-Stars run drills on the field or helping rehab someone that wants to get back in the game, POWERHANDZ gear is here to help.

Psych Boost

What’s the one thing our gloves give people that they can’t get anywhere else? A boost in their confidence. If an athlete is already defeated in their mind, they will never be able to become a superstar. The magic of the POWERHANDZ gear is that it helps boost someone’s ethos as much as their physical abilities. How? When someone trains day in and day out, they are going to feel amazing when they see the fruits of their training.

No matter what camp or clinic you are going to run, you need POWERHANDZ to push it to the next level. Our gear is designed to bring out the best in everyone who trains with them. No matter what sport you are training athletes to play or if you just are running a fitness clinic, the difference we make is noticeable. Don’t wait, contact us today to ensure that you run the hottest and most effective summer program the sports world has ever seen.

At POWERHANDZ, we want everyone to train with purpose. No matter what your sport is, we are here to help. We have created gear to help train for a number of sports including MMA, football, basketball, and baseball. If you are not training to be the next Tom Brady, our equipment will help you take your fitness to the next level. Don’t wait, contact us today and get on the path to greatness! To learn more about POWERHANDZ and what we do, check out our blog.

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