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Getting Into the Right Mindset

“Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.” -Robert Griffin III

What is the most important factor that you need to bring to any competition? The right mindset. It can be the difference between reaching ultimate victory or suffering a crushing defeat. At POWERHANDZ, we have seen all kinds of athletes and know exactly how powerful someone’s mentality is in the game. We want everyone, no matter what they do to be ready to win both mentally and physically. These are some of the best ways you can get your mind ready to win.

Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when getting ready to compete. One minor thing can go wrong and it could result in you getting psyched out. Don’t worry about things that aren’t in your control. Worry and anxiety won’t help you at all, in fact, they will do the opposite. Concern yourself with what you can control like your training, habits, and relaxation while not concerning yourself with what is out of it. Don’t let things out of your control concern you.

Trust your Training

One of the worst things an athlete can say when it’s time to compete is “I’m not ready.” Why would you even think that? You have been training nonstop to be where you are. When you feel like you can’t do it or that you aren’t good enough, you’re dead wrong. Plant your feet and trust in your training. There is no shame in failure when you give it everything you have and go all out. If you want to be sure that you did the best training possible, you need our one of a kind gloves. We guarantee that these will take your training to the next level and will improve your kinetic chain.

Calm your Mind

One of the biggest killers of athletes is overthinking in the heat of the moment. Do you think Michael Jordan ever stopped to think about the best way to make it up the court in the middle of a game? NO! He went in with a clear head and did what he needed to do. A calm mind is the ultimate weapon an athlete can have in their arsenal. Life and your competition aren’t going to give you 2 minutes to come up with the perfect counterattack strategy. They are going to come at you fast and hard with no mercy. If you want to dominate the competition you are going to need to clear your mind and go in ready to kill it.

Challenge Yourself

Do you want to know who your greatest rival in life is going to be? It’s not going to be that one player on the other team who just seems to get under your skin. Take a look and the mirror and you will see who it is. You are the one who will either hold yourself back or allow you to succeed. If you want to get into the perfect mindset to compete, you need to challenge yourself daily. All the best Olympic athletes don’t just train but test themselves in everything they do. They don’t just want to be one of the world’s finest, they want to be the world’s best. Challenge yourself every day, whether that means doing just one extra lay up on the court or benching just one more time.

If you want to destroy your opponents when you compete, you are going to need the right mindset to do it. Calming your mind, challenging yourself, and trusting in your training are the best things you can do to mentally prepare yourself for any competition. Don’t even try to worry about things that aren’t in your control, you need to be able to focus in the heat of the moment. If you want to dominate, you need to begin by controlling your mind and prepping it for competition. If you want to take your physical training to the next level, we recommended you get yourself a pair of our POWERHANDZ gloves to take your physical training to the next level. They will maximize and perfect your training and give you an efficient kinetic chain.

Our Challenge

We want you to train for excellence with POWERHANDZ. So we are going to give you a challenge that we know will lead you to become a master of the game. We want you to begin training your mind just as hard as your body. When it comes time for the big moment, your mind will be as strong as steel and won’t crack under the pressure. If you take on our challenge, you will be a legend with an unstoppable psyche. Don’t just be good, be the greatest there ever was.


At POWERHANDZ, we want you to become the next legend. Our incredible gloves don’t just improve your training but make you excel at it. We offer products for a number of sports including football, golf, MMA, and baseball/softball. When you train with our equipment, you are training with purpose. To learn more about becoming a superstar and POWERHANDZ, read our blog.

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