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Strengthen Your Kinetic Chain

One of the most commonly used phrases is that something is “only as strong as the weakest link.” This can apply to everything from sports teams to businesses, but what most people don’t think of is the body. The human body is a masterpiece of biology with every part designed to work with and support itself. You can’t stand up without your leg muscles, knees, feet, and ankles all working together as one. This is why your body has developed a kinetic chain that runs from the neck down the spine, through the hips, and into the legs, wrists, and feet. This powerful element is the key to all movement and when properly trained, can turn you into a stronger athlete. At POWERHANDZ, we know the importance of training this chain and making sure that every level of athlete is able to use it to the fullest.

Increased strength

One of the best benefits you get from training your kinetic chain is that you will strengthen your body as a whole. Training never goes to waste, no matter what it is for. Conditioning your body will give you some awesome extra benefits. All the muscles that work in the chain will grow stronger and operate better. Gaining some extra muscle mass will help you prevent injury, gain more confidence, and help your body improve its weight control. Exercise and training is something that will never be a waste of time or energy and gives you lifelong perks. If you want to train even better check out our amazing products. Our gloves will add light weight to the top of your hands that will strengthen all muscles together rather than a specific group. This will allow you to move more efficiently and compete better.

Better Body Movement

With the proper amount of hard work and training, you can change the way you move completely. A strong kinetic chain will help you move faster, better, and with less strain on your body. Training this specific part of you will result in your body neurologically rewriting how it should be moving. It might sound dramatic, but the changes are so subtle you won’t notice them until it’s already happened. If you want to completely change how you are going to maneuver your body through life, make sure to work hard and strengthen your chain.

Energy Use Reduction

Whether you are playing a heated game of basketball or killing it at the gym, every movement matters. Some athletes end up burning a lot of their energy due to many unnecessary movements and can’t muster any when it matters most. Properly training your chain will help your body use its energy more efficiently when moving. You could be the greatest basketball player on the planet, but if you run out of energy before the halftime then it doesn’t matter. Your energy is the most valuable thing you have when in competition, make sure your body knows how to make the most of it.

Decreased chance of Skeletal and joint injury

Have you ever experienced damage to your bones? Maybe you broke your arm as a kid or cracked a rib at some point. If you haven’t, we don’t need to tell you that it is not a pleasant experience. However, when you train your kinetic chain you are doing a great service to your skeleton. The stronger your chain, the less stress is put on your bones. This becomes extremely important as you grow older and your bones begin to weaken and wear down after years of constant use. The same goes for your joints, this training benefits them just as much. If you are an active runner, improving your chain is the best way to keep running as the years go by. Our POWERHANDZ products are extremely useful if you are recovering from an injury also or are in rehab.

Strengthening your kinetic chain isn’t just great for you, it’s great for your bones. A strong chain will help you move more efficiently, decrease the chance of injuring your skeleton or joints, and rude the energy you use when moving. Best of all, it will help strengthen your muscles and improve your body as a whole. Every athlete should do some training of their chain, it will pay off big for them in the long run.

The Kinetic Challenge

We want you to train your chain in our kinetic challenge. No form of training ever goes to waste and we promise you that this is the kind that will change your life. Whether you are a runner, baseball star, or just want to improve your health this is a must! We want to see you develop a chain so strong that you move with the agility of a panther on and off the field.

If you are going to train, make sure you are doing it with POWERHANDZ. Our incredible products, such as the POWERPACK, will take your workouts to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are simply trying to get into better shape or training to be the best there ever was, we promise that we can help you. We want you to be not just as good as you can be, but one of the greatest of all time. For more great training tips, check out our blogs.

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