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What it means to be a coach

Behind every winning team and athletic star, there is a great coach. All incredible coaches take the title with great pride and humility. At POWERHANDZ, we work with many of these hardworking and dedicated individuals that love seeing their athletes dominating the competition. We’ve seen the dignity they have with their work and the investment they put into each and every individual. After meeting so many amazing coaches and mentors, we’ve decided to showcase some aspects of what it means to be a coach.

It’s Like Being a Gardener

In a way, being a coach is a lot like being a Gardener. You plant the seeds of hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship into the athletes under your wing and watch them grow. Zig Ziglar, a successful author, once said, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” A good coach sees the greatness in everyone they work with and pushes them to reach for their goals. Helping those seeds grow and blossom into greatness is their job. Winning comes second to a good coach, ensuring everyone takes steps to be the best they can is what comes first.

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A Coach is a Mentor

To their players, a coach is more than just someone who tells them what plays to make. When you have a positive athlete-coach relationship, it brings a ton of benefits to both sides. These include trust and sharpening positive relationship skills. It’s often said that a strong relationship of this type fosters a strong athlete. When all the players have this connection, the team becomes unstoppable. It’s not just about telling someone how many layups they need to do, it’s about being a mentor for them too.

A Shoulder to Lean On

A coach never stops helping their players, even when practice is over and everyone has gone home. They are a shoulder to lean on for many of their players. Have you ever seen the classic sports movie Remember the Titans? In the film, Coach Herman Boone and Assistant Coach Bill Yoast don’t stop at just coaching their team. These two are pillars who go above and beyond supporting every player. Boone even sits with one of his players every week to help him with his grades to get into college. When tragedy strikes the team, both are the first to support their athletes. A coach is more than just the boss of their team, they’re a pillar of success.

Sharing Victory and Glory

It’s easy to think that a coach would undermine a major win his team achieves by taking all the credit, but many celebrate with the athletes. Due to many being former athletes themselves, they know how hard each victory is earned. One of the greatest coaches of all time was a fellow named Herb Brooks.  A star hockey player, Brooks was skilled enough to be on the 1960 U.S. Olympic Team. His dreams seemed to be coming true, but the week before the event began he was cut from the team. They went on to win a gold medal while Brooks was crushed. He continued to play but eventually went into coaching. After driving his team to be the best, they won one of the greatest sports victories of all time. While this was a major victory for Brooks, it was also one for his team and he happily shared the glory. A coach shares the triumph with their athletes since neither could have done it without the other.

It means a lot to be a coach, much more than people think. It’s not just about practicing and games, it’s about being a mentor and a shoulder to lean on for their athletes. A coach shares their glory and victories as well as fostering the very best in everyone they work with.

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