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POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Weighted Training Basketball Gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the gloves and an anti-friction material on the palm side of the gloves, making it more difficult to dribble a basketball when training.

  • Weight resistance on the basketball gloves improves strength in the hand and arm muscles
  • Patented Design
  • Increased hand speed
  • Makes dribbling and catching the ball more difficult during training
  • Improved confidence once gloves are removed
  • Up to 2 LB in weight for each pair based on size
  • More efficient kinetic chain
  • XL Gloves Delivered April 20th
powerhandz popup defender


POWERHANDZ Pop Up Defender is a compressed, collapsible 3-foot-5 statue that can be used as a defender for basketball, football and soccer. The innovative Pop Up Defender easily collapses and contains storage space inside, making it the perfect choice for coaches and athletes to take with them to simulate real live defenders on the field or court.

  • 3-foot-5 standing barrier created to mimic a real defender
  • Can easily be collapsed for coaches and athletes to take with them on the road
  • Contains storage space inside to store basketball training equipment
  • Durable solution to previously used training methods like garbage cans or chairs
  • Designed for basketball, football and soccer.


POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip removable basketball wrap is placed around the circumference of a basketball, decreasing control when dribbling or catching the ball.

  • Designed to improve ball handling for athletes of all ages and levels
  • Patented Design
  • Enhances ball handling confidence
  • Reduces grip by eliminating the feel of the rubber and leather on the balls outer surface
Goal Ball with Youth Goal2 copy


POWERHANDZ Weighted basketball is designed to strengthen your fingers and upper body to enhance ball handling, passing, and rebounding. 

  • Made with 3lb heavy-duty synthetic leather. 
  • Patented Design
  • Enhances ball handling confidence
  • Our weighted training ball is universally made for athletes of every level. 
POWERSUIT - patented weighted body suit


The POWERSUIT is a patented weighted suit, weighing approximately 10lbs and used for any type of fitness training. The neoprene suit has six flexible rubber weights, ranging from 1.25lbs on the upper body to 2.5lbs on each thigh, all woven directly into the fabric of the suit and non – removable.

  • Delivery expected the end of April
  • Develops higher levels of endurance
  • Patented Design
  • Full body resistance training
  • Develops core strength
  • Increases explosive reaction
  • Promotes correct breathing
  • Simulates wearing tactical gear
  • Decreases injury risk by improving overall physical ability


Need to work on those handles? You’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter what stage of development your game is in, consistent use of POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip basketball gloves and our other basketball training equipment can help propel you to the next level of personal success on the court. Find out why coaches, trainers, and players at all levels are raving about our innovative basketball training equipment. We trust you will, too. Let POWERHANDZ elevate your game and guide you to train with purpose.

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